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If you're here, chances are you need some kind of help. Whether you'd like a website you can manage yourself, a fresh new logo, or help getting your business up to date with more modern technology, I have great news!

Here's a list of things I love doing:

  • Web design

  • Graphic design

  • System simplification

  • Making lists.


2015-2018: I helped eliminate the vast majority of paper documents for a small, private preschool.

  • Digital forms for registration made enrolling for the next year more equitable as parents gained access to the online form at the same time.

  • Digital forms also allowed for better access to enrollment information and an automatic spreadsheet to keep track of classes as they filled.

  • Teachers gain access to custom email addresses for the preschool which both looked more professional and eliminated the need for them to share private information with parents, including phone numbers and personal email accounts.

  • Teachers were able to share and edit documents to fit their classes, eliminating duplicated work and effort. 

  • The director could review lessons plans and edit for individual classes effectively online.

  • Rebranded the school with a new logo and website that better fit the natural based learning approach the school utilized.

2019-2021: Refined and organized documents for a local non profit.

  • Created complex spreadsheets to better refine sales tracking for the COO, including sales by month, increases and decreases by department, and prices per item per department as well as weekly totals and monthly averages.

  • Recreated employee files to make printing out employee start packets organized and efficient.

  • Organized all digital files into folders for easy access.

  • Refined sales entry into QB online to shorten the process and make it easier to input.

2020 - Current: For my "real" job, a promotional company in Mount Vernon, WA

  • Learn simple CSS coding to customize forms to match the specifications of our clients.

  • Began learning API development to automate several minutia processes that were just time sinks. 

  • Automated several things in our project management software to save time.

  • Created a complex system of spreadsheets to track and calculate shipments for various companies, drastically decreasing the time it takes to create monthly invoices for those particular projects.

  • Learned AI and Photoshop to create, and manipulate vector images for printing.

  • Designed many really cool projects, from softball team tees, to baby blankets, to Tilemate swag give away items.

  • Set up websites to client specifications and entered items for company to sell or distribute their swag. Back end sales and report generation. 

2022 - Current: Local sign company technology improvements

  • Completely revamped their website, including creating a new e-commerce portion. 

  • Created an entirely new service based around the new web store.

  • Connected them with QB online to have a more clear view of their expenses and income breakdown.

  • Updated the tax rates on invoices to ensure proper tax distribution for the Department of Revenue.

2023 Completely created a digital presence for a local non profit from scratch.

This included:

  • building a website from scratch

  • setting up and linking social media accounts

  • creating a centralized email account all other accounts are attached to

  • designing a logo and social media link graphic

  • creating e-payment accounts, verified the charity and the bank and created QR codes for promotional material. 

  • worked with the group as a whole to ensure everyone had a say and was happy with the end result.

  • saved all relevant documents in a centralized area so everyone has access to them.

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